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Dear Freebie Fans!

I hope you like today's selection of goodies. We have put together an excellent mixture to suit all tastes!

If you are not already a member of one of our Google or Yahoo groups and would like to stay informed of the latest freebies as and when we upload them to the website (please note that some offers are limited by either time or quantity and therefore... 'the early bird catches the worm!'), you can INSTANTLY join our special Freebie V.I.P. Club (it is free to join and you can find the join box below). Members of the VIP Club only get two emails a week informing you of the newest freebies as we upload them, and our VIP members get a little something extra, every now and then, so JOIN TODAY!

Please note: It is our aim to provide our members with a broad selection of freebies and free samples. The majority of the freebie offers below (around 80%) only require you to provide a delivery address in order to collect your freebie. We also include in our weekly selections; Special Freebie Offers (these equate to around 20% of the offers listed). These BIG offers are too good not to include in our service, but they may require your participation, a survey or even a purchase in order to collect the freebie offer. We also recommend that you create an extra free email address with Yahoo or similar and use this when applying for the free offers. This will save your main email account getting bombarded with extra offers and follow up emails!

The Freebie Selection - Thursday 16th October 2008

USA Freebies!

  • Sample 2 Free Boxes of NEW Berry Shock Fruit Snack!
  • Free Sample Of Commit Cappuccino Lozenges
  • Free Fireproof Church Leader Resource Kit
  • Get Your Free Healthy Fall Samples
  • Free Sample Of Aveda Moisturizing Treatment Masque
  • Free Agel Product Sample (7 To Choose From)
  • Get $100 worth of Free Revlon Makeup Samples
  • Free Diamond Heavy Haul 2009 Calendar
  • Free Book - Peace With God - Billy Graham
  • Free Christian Books - Many To Choose From
  • Get 48 Full-Size Candy Bars Free!
  • Free Sample Of Muscle Quencher
  • Free Book. Jungle Pilot (US And Canada)
  • Free Diabetes Boxed Set - Very Nice
  • Get Your First 48 Loads of Ultra Baby Detergent, FREE!
  • Free OC In Motion T-Shirt
  • Free Florida Shrimp Recipe Brochures
  • Free Sample Of The Velvet Milk Collection
  • Free Mabeline Mineral Power Samples
  • Free Sample Of Live Platinum Fragrance
  • Free Sample Of Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Free Snow Mass Free Ride Poster
  • Free FlexCare Professional Electronic Toothbrush!
  • Free DVD European River Cruising
  • Free Sample Of Flexitol Heel Balm
  • Free Birding And Wildlife Viewing Kit
  • Send A Scare Now!. Halloween eGreeting Cards! No Registration! No Fees!
  • Free Red Blood Of Jesus Prayer Hankerchief
  • Free Aquaphor Healing Ointment Sample
  • Free Washington DC visitors guide book
  • Free Halloween Chocolate!
  • Free Omaha Steaks Gathering Guide & Cookbook
  • Free Fodor's 1001 Travel Tips Guide (complete very short survey from DHL)
  • Free Sample of Clark Postcards
  • Free (3 pack) samples. New Low-Calorie Mini Microwavable Cakes
  • Free You Can Be a Nurse Coloring Book and more
  • Free Learning Feels Good DVD
  • Pikes Peak Free Kids Sticker Booklet
  • Free Trial. Lose Weight with Pure ACAI Berry
  • Free Stuff from ToysRus. Geoffrey's Birthday Club
  • Make your Own Photo Calendars
  • $4 Printable Coupon off Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops
  • Full Selection of Free Cleaning Samples
  • Free Motor Sport Stickers
  • $2.50 Coupon of Bertolli Frozen Dinners
  • Free sample of biofreeze pain relief gel
  • Free Tea Sample
  • 3 Free Samples of Dr Scholls Ladies Insoles
  • Free Cookbook: Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorites with Sun-Maid Raisins & Dried Fruit Cookbook
  • Good Life Pet Food Coupon
  • Free Sample Pack Of Natural Oat Seeds For Growing KittyCatGrass
  • Free Wood Skull Auto Air Freshener
  • Free juicy juice sippy cup
  • Free Sample Bag from Your Bag Lady
  • Free Sample of Body Eclipse Aromatherapy Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Free Welcome Kit from the Home Depot Garden Club
  • Free Medical and Dental Clinics all over the US
  • Free tampon and carrying case
  • Free Candle Scent Sample & Free Weekly Drawing
  • Free Seeds!
  • More Free Seeds for Gardeners
  • And More Free Seeds!
  • Free Tomato Seeds ($1 Postage)
  • Free Cleaner Accessory Pad Sample for Contact Lenses
  • Free Foodler Take out Magnet and sticker
  • Free stuff and coupons from Lamps Plus
  • International Freebies!

  • Free Halloween M & M's Chocolate Samples! (CA)
  • Send A Scare Now!. Halloween eGreeting Cards! No Registration! No Fees!
  • Free Sample Of Renew Denture Cleaner (Canada)
  • Free Samples of Snickers Chocolate for Halloween! (CA)
  • Free Sample Of Olay Regenerist Derma Pod (Canada)
  • Kite Magazine Free - First 10,000 (Aus)
  • Free Samples of Reeces Chocolates! (CA)
  • Free 2GB USB Drive From Microsoft (Aus)
  • Free Car Adverising (Aus)
  • Grab yourself a Free iPhone 3G (CA)
  • Gold Coast Airport - Free Coffee (Aus)
  • Free Scoop New Flavor Ice Cream (Aus)
  • Children\'s Book Bank - For Low Income Families (Toronto. CA)
  • Grab a Free Gucci Handbag (Aus)
  • Free Rosenborg Blue cheese calendar - 2009 (CA)
  • Jamieson probiotic sticks $5.00 off coupon (CA)
  • Free Samples of MAC Beauty Products (Aus)
  • Jamiesons pms support chocolate $5.00 off coupon (CA)
  • Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Recipes & Product (CA)
  • UK Freebies!

  • Free Cadbury Chocolate Samples!
  • Free Stuff From Green & Blacks
  • Send A Scare Now!. Halloween eGreeting Cards! No Registration! No Fees!
  • Free Britney Spears Fragrance
  • Free Embroided Gift Card Worth 2.99
  • Grab a Free Halloween Costume & Sweets!
  • Listen To The New Keane Album For Free
  • Vagisil Medicated Wipes Sample
  • Chocolate Samples - Email
  • Saks Voucher For You & A Friend
  • Free Samples of MAC Beauty Products
  • LomaBrit Chapstick Free
  • Free Half Chicken At Nandos
  • Free Organic Eco-Nappies
  • Free Lenor Pink fragrance
  • Soothing Touch Samples - Email/Phone
  • USA Offers

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